Email Use Policy

Shires Festival of Dance recognises that email is a key communication tool, and as such encourages its users to use email whenever appropriate.

For instance:

  • Communicating with customers and or suppliers;
  • Distribute information to other users within the Shires Festival of Dance;
  • Market Shires Festival of Dance in its entirety.

Emails and information transmitted or received by the Shires Festival of Dance’s email system are considered to be part of the record of information system and belongs to the Shires Festival of Dance.

Email Guidance and Best Practice

The aim is to allow maximum access and use of email with the minimum of restrictions for authorised work purposes. Email is not intended to replace formal word-processed documents nor does it replace the use of the telephone or face to face contact.

Remember email may be convenient but it is also easy to misinterpret without the visual clues of face-to-face communications. Also email is easily forwarded with the possibility of being viewed by unauthorised personnel.

Always remember the clarity of the written word. Simple spelling mistakes, capitalised words and the ambiguities of language can easily lead to errors and false assumptions. A short and simple email is more likely to get the recipient’s attention. If the message has to be longer use sub-headed short paragraphs to add structure and make it easier to digest.

Email Security

  • Email is not a confidential means of communication or guaranteed to be secure. There is also no guarantee that an email will arrive at its destination within a particular time, or at all, nor is there any control over its onward transmission.
  • Users must ensure their email communications are accurate, clear, concise and courteous, do not contain any defamatory statements and do not breach any Shires Festival of Dance policies. Emails can be released in response to a request for information under freedom of information and data protection legislation or as part of a disciplinary hearing or legal action.
  • Committee Members are solely and individually responsible for their use of email and for the maintenance of their mailbox.
  • Official Business: Must use only Shires Festival of Dance email accounts for official business.
  • Security: Email is not a confidential means of communication or guaranteed to be secure. Users must ensure that any emails containing sensitive information must be sent from an official Shires Festival of Dance email account.
  • Blind Copy: When sending to more than 1 individual or distribution groups of elected members then BC must be used.
  • Official Sensitive: Emails of a sensitive or confidential nature or containing sensitive data must be sent using only Shires Festival of Dance email accounts; subject should be titled ‘Shires Festival of Dance – SENSITIVE’.

Inappropriate Email Content and Use

It is important Committee Members understand that viewing or distributing inappropriate content via email is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Users must not:

  1. Send text which might be considered by the recipient as abusive, aggressive, defamatory, obscene, deliberately anti-social, harassing, and illegal or otherwise liable to bring the Shires Festival of Dance into disrepute;*
  2. Use emails to avoid face to face communications and difficult matters
  3. Send documents which require formal circulation with authorisation
  4. Use email for any illegal or criminal activities
  5. Send offensive or harassing emails to others
  6. Send messages or material that could damage Shires Festival of Dance’s image or reputation
  7. Write comments which you would not normally commit to paper.

*This definition of inappropriate content or material also covers any text, images, or other media that could reasonably offend someone on the basis of race, age, sex, religious or political beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristic covered by law.

Email Disclaimer

If a user is issued with a Shires Festival of Dance email account it should contain the following in the signature:

  1. Full Name
  2. Position within the Shires Festival of Dance
  3. Full title of the charity
  4. Registered Charity of England & Wales
  5. Registered Charity Number 1056028
  6. Website
  7. Email

As a charity we are required to display items a – e and the remaining are good practice.

Email Marketing and Bulk Email

Shires Festival of Dance may use email to contact existing regular attendees of the Festival or those who have registered interest with the Festival via the website, email and or social media.